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evje’s belia winnewisser released three tracks as her alter ego palus somnii.

we probably confused you by posting our video for “still” on our last entry. we released two other songs as well. you can download all three of them on

we are very pleased to finally announce the release of our recent digital ep ‘STILL BEFORE CHAOS‘ today. you might know that evje went through some changes during the past few months. however, we rather look into the future and tell you that evje is ready to play concerts again and is already thinking about writing new material.

STILL BEFORE CHAOS‘ can be downloaded for free and you decide if you want to support the bands work financially and donate some money for. furthermore, we have posters with us to sell at future concerts which have been designed by Dominique Fischer.

at last we’d like to thank Alan Benz, Rob Viso for mixing and mastering our songs, Dominique Fischer for the artwork and you people for the support in any possible way.

B-Sides Festival – Bohemians Welcome Bar – Saturday 14th – 22:35 PM

Evje 2014

Belia Winnewisser – Vocals/Wurlitzer/Synthesizer
Tom Kuhn – Electronics/Bass/Beats/Sampling
Magdalena Bucher – Cello/Vocals
Dominik Bienz – Drums/Percussion/Beats

- Evje 2014